Exporting to ITunes issue

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I too am having a problem exporting recordings to ITunes File Sharing. I use a Mac/intel machine and don't have issues like this with any other Ipad software. Does anyone have this problem, or know what to do to fix? I was able to export each track independently, but not as a whole bounce, or recording.


  • Can you be more specific about the problem you are having, @luci?

  • Me too, i try to export files over itunes, check the directory to save the file, it saves, you see that itunes save it in the taskbar, but the files have 0kb. Try it with ipad1 + 2
    Ios 5.1.1 on win7...
    I try it later again....after the updates (itunes+iOS)...Sunday....


  • okay, after the update itunes 10.7 & ios6 it ry it again.
    No, it doesnt work.
    i go in itunes to ipad > apps > Documents
    there are the folders with the session & the records.
    i take a record, save > in folder, then you see itunes copy the file (150mb ~ 15sec.)
    i go to the folder and there is a file with just the date & 0kb


  • Ugh, yeah, I think there's a serious problem with iTunes on Windows.

    I always recommend that people use the (free and excellent) iExplorer app. It works on both Windows and Mac. Much better than iTunes.

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    than i have to try it on another computer, iexplorer doesnt work @ my Laptop....
    grrr, i hate itunes!

  • I try it with the new (incredible good) instrument samplr, here it works with itunes, i can export/ import the files over itunes document share, loopy still dont work, 0kb files after export,...
    Someone else out there who have the same problem? With win7....

  • no one out there who have this problem too?

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