Loopy HD and Beatmaker 2 to use in live performances

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Hello all I'm new to the loop forum and wanted to ask a few questions. My idea is to be able to create a beat in Beatmaker 2 and import it to Loopy HD. This way I would be able to assign beats/synth sounds made in Beatmaker2 to specific loops in Loopy. Then with an outboard hardware controller (possibly softstep) I will be at the fire off the tracks that I like and they will all be in sync. Basically I am using two apps for the iPad to create my own type of Ableton live scenario. So with that being said here are my questions.

Importing from Beatmaker2 to Loopy HD
1. Upon looking at Loopy HD and Beatmaker2 I can see that both apps can see other apps as midi in's and out's. Why is this important?
Do I use this to import a beat to Loopy?
Or.... do I use Audio copy and paste?
OR... wait for Audiobus to run both apps at the same time and somehow interface the both to accomplish my goal?

  1. What is the difference between...
    -MIDI in's and out's
    -Audio copy and paste?
    -Audio bus? (I'm sure I will find out this one in the near future)

Live track management in Loopy HD
1. I see that there is an audio fade option for sessions. However will there be an audio fade option for each individual track? This would particularly be helpful especially if I wanted to fade out one track but be able to stop another track instantaneously.

Is there anyone out there using Beatmaker2 and also Loopy HD consecutively?

Lastly I have a suggestion for the creator of Loopy HD. A filtering effect for each track would be pretty cool. In this video you can see that the Softstep controls the effect


I know that you are working on delay, distortion, so on so forth but filtering and a bit crusher could provide some really cool backtracks especially for vocal lines perhaps a vocal line could be used for right of been in a bit crusher or something along that line.

For years I've had the idea of using drumbeats and synth sounds as back up to my live performances. I have sought to use Ableton live however I just don't like the interface and I don't want to lug my computer around. Ableton live is also very involved and I don't want to have the distraction of thousands of sounds. When using Ableton I will eventually stop making music and start pushing buttons. I love the fact that Loopy HD is simple and gets out of the way of being involved but allows a musician to express themselves creatively with ease. I believe that this is the biggest strength of Loopy HD and would prefer to find some way to fire tracks independently to create those background sounds for live performances.



  • Sorry about the delay, @jaymelani. Thanks for the suggestion, and I agree with you about the filtering effects. I have a large number of effects and manipulators planned for Loopy, and these are a part of those plans. It's a large task, though, so I'm afraid it won't happen tomorrow, but I am on it, and it's a high priority.

    MIDI in/out can be used to sync the clock with other apps, so you can use (for example) a drum sequencer in conjunction with Loopy. Once Audiobus is finished, this will open up a range of other possibilities as well.

    Audio Copy/Paste lets you transfer chunks of audio offline (not live, though - you prepare audio in advance, then copy, then paste into the destination).

    Audiobus is described quite well here, in this recent interview with us on Synthtopia: http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2012/09/17/what-is-audiobus-how-will-it-change-mobile-music-making/

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