Positive Grid BT-4 Bluetooth MIDI Pedal Delay

I've been looking for a good looper for my iPad and Loopy is the best I've tried. My only issue is hands-free operation. I recently purchased a Positive Grid BT-4 Bluetooth MIDI pedal to use with BiasFX as well as Loopy. I can bind the BT-4 buttons to Loopy with no problems, but I was hoping to use the pedal to start recording without a count-in. I find there is too much lag between pressing the switch and when the recording starts to make this practical. I tested the same function with a bluetooth Apple keyboard and there doesn't seem to be a similar lag. I haven't testes a wired MIDI controller as yet since my CCK seems to have stopped working. Has anyone else run into this issue and if so were you able to fix it? I can use count-in if I have to but would prefer not to if possible.


  • I finally got my CCK to work (at least for a few minutes) and using a KORG NanoPad plugged into the iPad also has a noticeable delay when triggering a recording. I have a pad bound to start track recording without count in or out. I have an iPad air2 running iOS 10.3.2.

  • After much head scratching and reading of other posts, I believe I have solved my problem. When binding either the BT-4 or the KORG, Loopy seems to default to CC hold. This works, but introduces a significant delay (I suppose to see if the control is really held). If I change the binding to CC on the delay is very short. I also needed to bind CC off to the same action since the BT-4 sends on for the first press and off for the second. Hope this helps someone else with the same issue.

  • Thanks for the update, @stschoen! Some pedals operate in latch mode: first press & release is on, the next press & release is off (rather than momentary mode, press on, release off each time), which means that Loopy just sees a press and hold the first time you press and release. I've not found a good way to deal with these devices, as momentary seems to be the more common, and I want to keep the 'hold' functionality. So, yep, the solution is as you say to map the on and off states as two triggers for the same action.

  • It's nice to have the option to choose. CC hold works fine if you don't mind a slight delay. I would rather have as much flexibility as possible.

  • Hello Stschoen, I was wondering how's this setup been working out for you?
    Would you recommend getting a BT-4 to use as a controler for Loopy HD?
    I have the app for a few years now but ended up never really using it because I got discouraged with the fact that I had to buy an audio interface and a midi controller to use it with my guitar... but now I've decided to look back in to it.

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