Can't get MIDI to work

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I really like Loopy but I can't get it to record from my midi keyboard. My hardware is the new iPad and the Line 6 Mobile Keys 25 keyboard controller. I'm using Magellan as my synth. I go to Loopy's midi section and I see both under the Midi Control Inputs section. I've chosen either or both. The controller doesn't make its own sounds so I'm assuming Magellan has to always be selected but while trying to get things to work, I've selected both sometimes. Whatever I do, Loopy never records the midi input. Do I have to do anything with the clock inputs or clock outputs? I haven't. What's really odd is that my iPad's microphone is always active no matter how I have the Live Playthrough and Record Live Audio switches set. I have them both set OFF and any ambient sound registers on Loopy's play button screen. I've monkeyed around with the noise gate and expander settings to no avail. I've installed Midi Monitor and it recognizes the controller, Magellan and Loopy. I'm out of ideas. It's probably something stupid that I missed but I'm not seeing it.

I have no problem using Loopy with my guitar through the Peavey AmpKit system. Only midi gives me problems.



  • Just wanted to add that when I try to record the midi synth, the synth sounds don't make it to Loopy. Loopy actually records the percussive sounds of my fingers hitting the keys! It's like it knows about the midi hardware and synth but the audio recording process takes precedence.

  • Hey @cheesesteak. Hmm - if you're hoping to do what I think you're hoping to do, recording the output from one app into another app has never been possible on iOS - in fact, it's tricky even on a desktop computer.

    You'll probably be interested in Audiobus, my upcoming project, though:

  • Any idea about why my iPad's microphone is always on no matter how I set Loopy's Live Playthrough and Record Live Audio switches?

  • Hey,

    Hmm, what do you mean always on? Do you mean you hear it through the headphones/speaker?

  • I don't hear it in the headphones but Loopy records whatever the background sounds are no matter the settings. It could be in the headphones but so low I don't hear it. I figured out a work around. Instead of just using headphones, I plug the headphones into the Ampkit module and that into the iPad's headphones jack. That mutes the microphone.

  • Ah, I understand now - you mean the microphone input is being included along with the input from Ampkit.

    Well, glad you figure it out, anyway. Good to know that that works.

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    I guess I totally misunderstood the whole midi thing. Looks like Loopy allows midi input to control its functions but not to record the sounds from the controller/synth. I eventually downloaded and played around with Midibridge along with the other apps but couldn't get what I wanted. I was hoping to use Loopy to record input not only from my guitar but from synths like Magellan and Sampletank. I wish there was a way these apps could play well together like on my desktop pc. Anyway, I still like Loopy and am glad I bought it.

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    "I was hoping to use Loopy to record input not only from my guitar but from synths like Magellan and Sampletank"

    iOS is not quite there yet but...

    "You'll probably be interested in Audiobus, my upcoming project, though: "

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