small space at the beginning of an imported loop

I am importing a tight, eight bar loop in mp3 format and am transferring the file via iTunes file sharing. This is the first loop in my sequence. Every time it plays back it sounds good until it gets to the very beginning of the loop where a small gap seems to get inserted by loopy. I have checked the audio file repeatedly and even cropped it excessively to test what will happen to the new file on import .... every time I get the same result. Is there something I am missing here? Does the first track need to be composed digitally with a drum app in order to play back seamlessly?

Thank you so much for any advice you can offer.


  • Oh, that's odd! Would you mind emailing me the mp3 so I can check it out, @fluffycowboys? michael at atastypixel com

    Compressed formats can be tricky for seamless playback because their lengths need to be a multiple of certain sizes, which means silence gets inserted. Loopy should be recognizing this and getting rid of the silence (and does for m4a AAC and the mp3 I just tried here, at least), but maybe there's something about this mp3 of yours.

  • Strange. I'm getting essentially the same issue.
    I've created a loop in GarageBand iOS and want to export to Loopy directly and there's milliseconds of a space at the end for me. It throws the loop off. In GarageBand though it sounds fine when made into a repeating loop.

  • Would you do the same thing, @Boris, and email it over? I'll take a look

  • I can send, but I think the issue lies with Garageband and how it exports. The idea was to create simple loops in Garageband's Smart Drummer and export the project to Loopy all within the iOS environment. This is possible, however, I believe Garageband automatically creates a space at the end of the file on export, to no fault of Loopy. I emailed the loop to myself and placed in the desktop version and sure enough, the loop was slightly over the 4 bar block.
    I'll keep playing with it and see if there's any resolution.

  • Ah - that'll do it then! :)

  • edited July 2017

    Just for completeness sake of this thread, I'm an idiot.
    User error on my part. Got it all working fine. Looking forward to Masterpiece !

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