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Hi, I have Loopy HD on my iPad. The app seems to work, but I seem unable to make loops I have made on my PC visible to Loopy. I have 3 wav files 061_1.wav, 061_2.wav and 061_3.wav (they came from an RC50). I have opened iTunes on my PC and have added the files to a loops playlist, and then dragged the playlist to the iPad. If I open Music on the iPad I can find and play the 3 waves. The bit I am having trouble with is "To Copy Audio Files in Loopy, connect your device to iTunes, then select the "Apps" tab under the Device screen, and Select "Loopy" at the bottom. When I run iTunes on the iPad I see none of these items. If I run iTunes on my PC I can see Loopy in the apps folder but cant drag anything to it. (I can find the Import Menu on the loop buttons and import things displayed,. It is getting my loops to turn up that I am having problems with and I am now totally confused. ( I should say the iPad is my first Apple device. I like it, but iTunes just bemuses me )

Help appreciated

Grif (I have latest version of Loopy HD on 1Pad 3)


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    Hey Grif,

    No problem - I'll be the first to agree that iTunes is a bit dorky at times =)

    Here's how it's done:

    1. Connect the device to iTunes and select it in the list
    2. Click the "Apps" tab
    3. Scroll down
    4. Select "Loopy" in the list at the bottom
    5. Drag files into the pane on the right.

    You'll then find those files in the "Import" section in Loopy.


  • Thanks Michael - got it - I was using the wrong 'Apps' part. So I am liking it, and of course I have questions. Most of the time I will be importing loops. I am a big RC50 fan, but I want to scale to less stuff for local opens mics etc. I can now emulate a lot of the RC50 session on Loopy but would love a couple of things (wish list) can the Fade IN Fade out expand to a per session / per track basis? Is it possible to add a stop immediately / fade / loop end on a per loop basis. It is handy to be able to hit the loop during the loop and have it stop at the end - I am usually playing something on loop boundaries so I don't have any free fingers. Next wish of course is a loop toggle option e.g. loop one playing, press loop 2 and when loop 1 finishes loop 2 kicks in allowing a verse, chorus, break, solo, outro set up. (I frequently have guest musos so I can add extra solo time on the fly, or just have a drum rhythm going while I work a crowd up.

    I realy like the visuals on this.



  • Glad to hear it, Grif!

    I would recommend playing around with the fade/count-in/out/etc settings for a while to get the feel of it - you may find a lot of the functions you need are already covered, like count-in/out mute. Take a look around the documentation in "Help", too.

  • Oh, and don't forget you can plug in a foot pedal to control a lot of actions, and in the next update which will probably land next week, you'll be able to use wireless bluetooth pedals like the AirTurn/Cicada for the same purpose.

  • ...One more thing: If you have any further questions about techniques and such, be sure to pop them in a new thread so others will see it and chime in. We have a great community here, with lots of pretty clued-in folks, so be sure to make use of em =)

  • Thanks Michael, I will investigate more deeply in case I have missed some bits. I am in the interesting position of 'upgrading' my RC50 to an RC300, and sending it back (still got the RC 50. I Really just needed an RC 50 with more storage time, but there were show-stoppers. The onboard Master footswitch does not honor the stop / fade / end of loop settings - more like a panic button. Fade in is just ... gone. You cannot assign rhythm start / stop to a footpedal - on board or external. You cannot transfer mono files from the RC50 to the RC300 - you have to go and convert them to stereo files. So I will be having a good look :) I had to get use to an iPad first, but liking it.



  • Oh dear =) That's quite painful! Well, good luck!

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