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Next update wishlist

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Hey Loopers,

i'm very excited about Loopy and this thread is meant to talk about ideas that would take this cool app even further and fulfill al our creative needs :) I think any feedback on what you would like from Loopy would inspire and help development of the app. So feel free to post your wishlist!

I will be using Loopy (after the next update supports MIDI) to loop on stage with my cello and percussion instruments.
My equipment:

- iPad 2
- Alesis Io-dock
- Digitech FS3X Footswitch (comes with the Digitech Jamman but sends out 2 usable MIDI channels)
- Behringer FCB1010 for more complicated looping
- 2 condenser mics

There are a few features that I would wish for Loopy in the future:

- an input configuration
the Io-dock has 2 XLR inputs I use for my mics.
I use one mic for my cello and the other for voice and percussion.
It would be great to record a stereo loop with a mono signal, or record stereo with 2 mics.
- option to select input 1 or 2 with a gesture on a loopdial or in the menu "Share/Import/Volume/Pan"

Look forward to any comments or new ideas!




  • Nice one, G, always good to see ideas being thrown around.

    Some comments - I just had a look around the iO Dock product pages, and I don't see any mention of a software-controllable input switcher. Correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I know, it's just two inputs with gain controls on the device, so there's nothing that an app can do to modify what input it's getting. You'd need to do that in hardware, before it gets to the iPad, I think, unless I'm missing something.
  • I guess you could manipulate the way Loopy handles the left and right channel? Take only the left or right from a stereo signal?

    I think a lot of people only have 1 mic when they use Loopy & the Io-dock, which would result in a mono Loop with either the left or richt channel.

    The Everyday Looper has a simular setting. You can choose to record in stereo (mic1 & mic2) or 2 separate mono signals. Then you can choose per looptrack which channel you want to use.
  • Ahh, that's clearer, I understand now - yes, that's certainly possible! So, you hook up mic 1 to the left channel, and mic 2 to the right, then configure each loop (in advance) to either take one or the other when recording.
    No problem, I'll add it to my todo list.
  • exactly! (and then doubling the mono signal making it into a stereo signal for that loop)
  • Hi guys,

    i tried it yesterday the first time, amazing! its just worked, yeah.
    I use it with a line6 MOBILE IN Stereo on a iPad.
    Before i have a Kaosspad KPT3: in Line in & i switch between a iphone (thumbjam+kaossilator+iTablaPro) and a Nintendo DS (Korg DS+)
    in the MIC input a MIC & a Guitar.

    I used it vertikal first time(9Tracks)...i recognize it after a hour you Design it for horizontal, LoL...

    You designed your Circles with a little Half/Half Texture horizontal, if you "scratch" your loop with 2 fingers the line helped to Snap to quantisize it right, a cross inside would be better, or a possibility to quantisize your "scratching" to 1/4 or 1/8 or 1/16.

    If you change the Volume it would be awesome to see the Volume-Level / Panning.
    let us change the intensity of the Clicks. Both Sound & Light. After hours of rockin, i go to bed close my eyes and it stills flash ;-) huuuu.


  • Cheers, Tobi!

    I'll have a think about adding markers visible while time shifting - that's a good idea. I might implement 'snapping' at some point, although it requires beat detection to know what to snap to. I'll have a think about it.

    Could you rephrase your suggestion regarding volume/panning, I didn't really follow you.

    A little hidden feature: If you drag your finger left/right across the metronome panel, you can, actually, change its volume (although currently not the flash intensity).
  • Cheerio miss sophie ;-)
    if you change the volume you dont recognize it visuall after you leave the button...
    2 Loops,
    1: Volume +7DB
    2: Volume - inf.
    how can you see which loop is On AIR ;-)
    understand, sry my english...i`m german.

    i try the hidden feature but on iphone and no Volume change....hmm.

  • Ahh, I see, so it sounds like you're using the volume to mute/unmute tracks - it might be easier just to tap to toggle them, and then you get an indicator too. Otherwise, you could bring up the volume control via the hold menu, and just leave it up?
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    NO, i TAp to Mute
    if you MUTE the Cycle is dark
    if you unMute its Blue.

    you have 3 same loops:
    you adjust Loop
    1: +2DB
    2: 0DB
    3: -4DB
    forget what you do!
    look @ your panel, you dont know the Volume, ....which loop is the loudest?
    No visuell differents between...;-)
    know, got it?
    it would be wonderfull if you see the Volumelevels of the tracks and to name them.
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    I would like to second the proposal to separate the two input channels.

    And I would propose to go a little further:

    Let me explain what my setup and intentions are, but I think my proposal is generalizable to other instruments and styles.

    I use a Alesis iODock, to audio recording and to synchronize via MIDI an analog sequencer (Urzwerg) which controls two analog synthesizers. I use this playing live.

    Occasionally I want to sample synth loops, but often also want to make them sound directly. When I reach some interesting for a loop, I record it. Sometimes I want to let the audience to listen the 'sound exploring', and sometimes I want to make it 'muted'.
    (Hopefully the iPad 3 or some other hardware, will give us additional outputs to the iPad, to have cue-monitoring. This could make the iPad the ultimate DJ and live digital music tool…)

    It would be ideal to apply the new effects also to live inputs.


    - Controls (perhaps more accessible than the current one) to mute, record, etc., the two inputs separately.

    - Control sets of effects for both inputs separately.

    - When loop recording, option for audio recording with effects applied (obviously) and…

    - Option to record the raw incoming audio, while transferring the set of effects in use to the same track, so that we can continue playing with such effects on the track starting as they were when recording, and to recall this initial status when things goes too crazy…
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    a request..

    Currently you can:

    1) record your performance
    2) record your session (saved sessions)

    in the future, it would be great to be able to:

    3) record a session structure to be "filled in" later

    This feature would make it possible to record the construction of loops as a performance. Kind of like a macro that would record "keystrokes". You could also think of it as "a saved live session" that could be performed "as new" again and again. A "hands-free" live looping app.

    This feature would be the ultimate step to making this app the BEST live performing loop tool.

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    first: thank you so much, michael, for making this app, and for being so active on giving feedback to your users! your doing an AWESOME job at this!

    second: when will we see effects? i really miss having some reverb, an EQ and maybe even some delay available :)

    ...at least an EQ of sorts would be really great - maybe if just to make bass-tracks sound better. maybe like the panning - when you swipe to the left and right, you get more or less low band'/high band' or something?

    is it doable?

  • Thanks heaps for the kind words, Dan! It's my pleasure.

    FX are most definitely next up on my list (and will include reverb, EQ and delay, amongst others). I've a couple of bits and pieces to attend to in the next couple of weeks, but I'll be getting it done as soon as humanly possible (I'm keen, too) =)

  • that is great! cant wait! your app has made me writing songs - if only for sketching - tons more fun and creative. it even made me write a song to propose to my girlfriend who tearfully said yes yes yes :) cant wait to get an ipad next year, if i can afford it (wedding is expensive :P)

    ive told alot of my friends about your app - and every time someone asks me what app they should get when they get their new iphone/ipad - my first recommendation is Loopy :) I really hope you get an award, and tons of recognition for it!

    would it be possible to be able to see the filesize/duration of a recording when you open it?
  • Wow, that's very, very cool to hear (also, congratulations!) =) Thanks!

    Sure, I'll add that in.
  • Hey guys,

    as already someone said, while using the iRig, loopy also uses the internal Mic of the Device for Recording. It´s a problem because you don´t get clean loops. Very bad for Live-Gigs >.<

    Would be nice if you could choose the input for loopy.
    So, would be a nice feature for the next update ;D
  • @beethekook: Oh, really? Are you sure that's what's happening? Have you tried rebooting the device?

    Anyone else: Are you able to confirm this? I don't actually have an iRig, so I can't test it out myself.

    To my knowledge, the device should automatically switch over, but perhaps there's something I'm missing.
  • That's been my experience also. I've looked for a way to shut off the mic within iOS and couldn't find anything. However, I am planning to go with an interface that docks with the iPad in the near future as many message boards are saying it's the best way to go for audio quality.

    Did you see my earlier question about recording sessions so they can be performed live?
  • Thanks, guys - righto, I stand corrected! I'll take a look and see if I can figure out what's going on.

    Oh, I'm terribly sorry, @mrjantz - I did see your comment but I forgot to reply to it! That sounds like a very interesting idea - I'm definitely considering it.

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    err… and wat about mine on input and effects options?
    With those things I could use Loopy live, only with one iPad and the analog gears, without needing mixer. A pretty retro-minimalist set on with I could provide you a nice demo video, I think…
  • @michael Yes I´m sure^^ and I also tried to reboot but always the same thing, hope you can figure it out :)
  • Sorry, @Juanjo, yep, I saw your message - I'll keep in mind, although I think the separate channel treatment is a little complex for where Loopy is currently at in its life-cycle. Perhaps one day, though!
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    And wat you think about the 'non destructive effects recording'?:

    - Option to record the raw incoming audio, while transferring the set of effects in use to the same recorded track, so that we can continue playing with such effects on the track starting as they were when recording, and to recall this initial status when things goes too crazy…
  • I have been planning that, yeah, although I suspect it'll depend upon what the hardware can manage - I'd prefer nondestructive if it's possible.
  • Hi Michael, Gaz from SonicTouch here. Loving Loopy, terrific piece of software! I have a few suggestions for what I'd like to see:

    1. An option to turn on small marks surrounding the loop circles which would denote beats and bars depending on loop length. This would be useful for visually aligning and performing to.

    2.an option to turn snap to markers on when rotating loops. i.e. the marks I just suggested would allow for loops being rotated to snap directly to them. This would be really good if you dropped in to overdub and then wanted to align the start positions. Or for creative beat making using imported loops.

    3. Reverb sends. Accessed like the pan control and adjustable the same as the volume.

    4. A less embedded control for enabling input monitoring. Can there be a way to toggle this from the performance page?

    5. Ability to assign different colours to the loops. A great way to differentiate what's on them. I have a colour scheme I use on DAW's such as green for drums, blue for bass. Can tell at a glance what is what.

    I am conscious that one of Loopy's great strengths is in its visual simplicity so the suggestions I have made should not compromise that ethic.

    All the best,

  • Cheers, Gaz! Thanks for the feedback - some of these are definitely on the cards (like being able to set loop colour), some will need a little further thought (how to implement snapping for loop rotation, for example). I'll see what I can do!
  • Hi Michael,
    please do a setting for the input level of the build in microphone. People playing real intstruments and not using external hardware like me really need this and I love to make music with loopy.
  • I love Loopy! I would like to use Loopy the same way I use my JamMan Stereo (using MIDI triggers instead of a foot controller), moving from one track to the next. Currently, I can set individual tracks to be (un)muted by pressing a specific key. However, I am limited to one action per event and would need to press multiple keys on my keyboard to trigger multiple actions. What I am trying to accomplish is to set a MIDI event to mute the selected track, select the next track and unmute the next track. This way, I could step through all individual parts of my song using the same key on my keyboard. If you would allow for assigning multiple actions to a single trigger and interpret each action in sequence, this would make MIDI mapping so much more powerful. Please also expand on the available actions. It would be nice to select specific tracks instead of just the previous/next track, to mute and unmute tracks (rather than toggling the current status), and to mute/unmute tracks immediately (like double-tapping).
  • Great!

    Okay, @Lunatis - that's a good idea, I'll see what I can do!
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