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How to connect Samson Go Mic to iPhone 6s?

I have an USB mic Samson Go Mic. Is there any way to connect it to the iPhone 6s and use it with loopy? I bought USB-miniUSB adapter, but when I plug the mic, my phone doesn't recognize it. What's the cause?


  • Hi @asia - you said you're using a USB to Mini USB adaptor; did you mean you're using Lightning to USB adapter, and then also using a USB to Mini USB with that?

    It looks to me like it should be working - I just checked here: https://samsontech.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/218311697-USB-Mic-iPhone-iPad-Compatibility

    If it isn't, you may need to contact Samson support.

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    Thanks for your reply @Michael
    I'm not using Lightning to USB adapter. I just have miniUSB-USB adapter (male-female) which I connect to the Apple USB cable. And then I plug lightning to my phone and mini USB to Samson.
    So, if I buy this Apple Lightning to USB adapter it would work? What's the difference between the way I did it and this way?

  • Ah I see! The answer's a bit technical (has to do with the phone being a USB slave via the USB cable, but a master via the Lightning-to-USB adapter), but the short version is you need the Lightning-to-USB adapter for it to work :)

  • @Michael Okay, so it should be working when I'm not using USB cable? I'm asking, because it's so hard to buy this lightning to USB adapter where I live. Although, I can easily buy lightning to microUSB adapter (male-female), so I was wondering if when I would use miniUSB-microUSB cable (male-male) and this lightning to microUSB adapter - it should also work, right? And also, thank you for your answers :)

  • No worries @asia - no, I expect that won't work; that sounds like a third-party adapter probably used for charging only. I could be wrong - there are one or two third party adapters which do allow the iPhone to act as the USB master/host; I suppose check the product information, see what it claims to be able to do.

  • @asia - even the Apple (see link below) lightning to micro usb adapter is only for charging and sync.


    So if the description says for charging/sync, it is not going to work for connecting a USB device (mic, audio interface, etc) to your iPhone. Even the newest CCK3 (see link below) does not function as a Sync cable. It does charge, but that's an added feature with another physical connection (Lightning port in) to provide the charging.

    You need the CCK (camera connection kit) type adapter/cable. I have an iPhone 6 and the old CCK (which I use with a Lightning to 30Pin and then the 30pin CCK - it serves both my Air1/iPhone6 and iPad 3) and it works fine as far as I can tell. So you wouldn't need the newest CCK (see link below - lightning-to-usb-3-camera-adapter) if you can still find the Lightning to usb camera adapter or the combo I use, the should work fine.


    Apple is your best bet. The other brands may or may not work or be intermittant, so I have read.

  • Yeah, I bought unoriginal lighting to USB adapter form China and when I first plugged it into my phone, it worked. But after 1-2 minutes appeared popup window that this product is not working with my iPhone.
    I don't know why it works for some time and then suddenly stops. Every time I plug it in, it's working for a few minutes and then stop.

  • I have a Apple Lightning to Digital AV Adapter MD826. Will this accessory be enough to connect the Samson mic to my iPad 2018? I am wanting to make podcasts.


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