Has anyone tried any of the line 6 fbv pedals?

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I really like the size of the fbv express and from what I've read it can get power from it's USB port. Just asking before I buy one and have to possibly return it.

This app is so exciting and fun!


  • I've read the manual which can be downloaded. It appears that all buttons are programmable to CC, program change, etc. And the pedal has button in the full down(forward) position. There's a downloadable programming app for OSX and Windows. It also has 4 midi out ports. If you can program one of the buttons to switch from port to port, that's 16 buttons in in all.
    Your post really piqued my interest so if I make the plunge, I'll post results.
    Still checking out YouTube for more info...

  • I picked up a used one today and so far, no luck. Both the io dock I'm using and the fbv express have a type b (square) USB connector. Can't find a cable, might be able to use some sort of adapter. Also, I tried using a powered USB hub and didn't get it to work. Still have a lot to try though so I'm not giving up just yet.

  • Should be a standard A/B cable. Manual says to connect directly to the source and not a hub.
    Stick with it. I think you can Mae it work.

  • I couldn't find the adapter i needed so I gave up and got an fcb1010. Works like a charm. Wish my timing did. Lol.

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