No questions. No problems. Just a "BRAVO" to Michael!!!!!!

edited September 2012 in General

After a little while coming and "stealing" ideas from the forum, I decided to sign up just for 1 reason:

I REALLY want to show my appreciation to Michael!!!!

I m subscribed to different forums for having technical support for my gears (N.I., Denon,...) and i really must say that no one on the web shows the same passion and disponibility that you give to your app users.

The way you answer to the large range of different issues people can have by using technological gears, even when is clearly a single user case due to the many settings people can have, shows us just one thing:

not only you have done a wonderful app showing your creativity and knowledge, but you are simply as courious and "hungry" just as we are.

Briefly: finally is "one of us" who is selling us stuffs ! :)

Really: Thanks, again...


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