Running loops into iPhone video recording?

Hey y'all I'm a looping vocalist. I want to record live singing videos with my iphone while Loopy plays my loops in the background. Hope to do it all on one device, instead of playing loops on one and recording video with another, and without having to do any edits to the video (audio inserts).

I'm using standard Apple earbuds in the Mic jack for now. While I can hear the loops, they do not record in the video. Only the solo is captured from the earbud microphone.

Is this even possible? Do I need some kind of a splitter? Or perhaps a different type of microphone? Or do I need to send the loops to a different app first.

Monitoring is on, which says I should hear the live audio input via headphones and audio output. live input recording is on too. Am I missing another setting that would make this possible?

Thank you kindly,


  • Nice, I'd love to see the results! You are right, a video will not record Loopy's audio automatically. The video app has no way to know what Loopy is doing, even though you hear both Loopy and the live mic input coming out thru headphones.

    One solution, maybe the easiest, would be to record the audio inside Loopy separately. Then after you've made the video, use iMovie to remove the video sound and replace it with the audio recording from Loopy.

  • That's what I figured I might have to do. Or would audiobus send the signal to the camera?

  • Audiobus will send Loopy's audio to any Audiobus compatible output. I know that "VoiceJam Studio" will record video and also receive audio from Audiobus, not sure if there are any other options. This solution would be easier in that it doesn't require any extra video/ audio editing after the performance.

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