loopy hd for ipad 3

i ve an ipad3 and the highest ios for it is 9.3.5 but the newest loopy version is just for 10.2 and higher..
So question is how can i get it run on my device? how do i find and download an older version??
any possibillities?
thanks in advance !


  • If you purchase it on iTunes on a PC or MAC, the AppStore will offer to let you download an older version of Loopy HD on your iPad.

  • damn..that didnt work .. i just bought it the way you recommended but then when i want to install it to the ipad it still refuses because of the old ios version..

  • That's no good... sorry I misspoke. :/

    @michael, is this not available any more? I thought we could get old versions of apps this way.

  • I thought this too! That's how I understood things worked; going to have to dig into this further. If Apple have changed this, then it's going to be a major hassle for devs and users alike!

  • Hmm. Yeah, at least as far as the first page of Google results is concerned, this is how it works. You purchase the app using iTunes (or a newer device), and then install the app from the "Purchased" area of the App Store app on the older device.

  • Right. So downloading the latest version to iTunes on PC then syncing over cable will not work. And purchasing directly from iPad won't work. That is what we expect to happen.

    But to clarify, here is the workaround:
    1. purchase the app on PC
    2. on your iPad connect to wi-if and go to iOS AppStore
    3. In iOS AppStore purchased items, find Loopy HD and tap to download.
    4. A pop up dialogue box will inform you the latest version is not compatible with your iPad.
    5. Select "OK" to download an older version of the app.

  • Hi, sorry to bump an old thread but I have similar question and cannot find the answer elsewhere.

    Is there a way to get loopy working on iphone 4s? An older version perhaps? Would love to use it... please?

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