Android version?

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Hey, I just want to say that I saw Elijah MC's youtube demo your app on his iPhone and I *really* want to see a version for Android if it's possible - any news on when/if?


  • Hey, @r1ch - I'm afraid it's not really on the cards at this point; doing an Android version would mean developing the app again from scratch (as it's a totally different development environment), which, given that it's just me, I don't really have the resources for =)
    I definitely sympathise, particularly having recently played with a friend's Android device, but at the moment it's a bit beyond me.
  • But... Want!
  • Will pay! Do want!
  • Do want too!
    There is nothing like it for Android yet!
  • I want it soo much!
  • also androids have horrible audio latency. The hardware isn't as dependable from an audio standpoint as ios devices, which is saying a lot. And each device is different, which makes it a ginormous task compared to the ios version
  • In my opinion a program the size of Loopy ² should not be alone in iOS.
    I have an Android and I really wanted it for my Galaxy NOTE. I used it on an iPad 2 and fell in love. However that may be hard to think asking for some help programmers through facebook, help many.

  • @Tali3sin
    Do you have to say it? Everybody paid his Loopy in here :-)
    In Android I think that piracy is a big problem for developers...

  • I can understand. I am looking at porting iMindAmbiEnce over to Android now. However, I am still scratching my head to find a way to play 6 channels of PCM audio reliably and in sync without a huge latency issues. iMindAmbiEnce uses AudioUnits in IOS. There is no CoreAudio like framework on the Android. The Media Player will play only one file at a time, AudioTracks require you to manage and write the buffering, mixer and threading callbacks. Most people mix all tracks down to a single 2 channel stream on Android, but noise and artifacts plaque the sound quality... SoundPool can play multi-channels, but is really geared for game sound effects.

    I found through owning 2 Android devices with different processors that most people are using the NDK and writing in C++. Audio Apps built in C++ have to be compiled for each processor. In the NDK, you have OpenSL ES and ALSA in the Linux layer...

  • ive been looking a good loopstation for android, but btter loopy join n publish in google play store
    it will be great and mybe can make a high rate in short period, like bbm
    if user knows btter, they will choose and download it.

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