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Not sure if i am missing something but does can loopy drop to half time.... essentially id like to use loopy to replace my line6 HD500 Ie for guitar.... one of the things i like about the line 6 when looping... even though its limited to a loop and overdubs... it can do half time... in that i can record my "drum-style lop (beating my acoutic guit as a drum) then if there is a half time section iun the song i can press the half time with and bam half time, the only thing it does obviously is the pitch of the drum changes in line with going that way but i still find it useable...
so yeah say i set a single loop in loopy, am i able to switch it on the fly to drop to half time? would probably be a master function am guessing or maybe track assignable....???



  • Not at the moment, no. I'd love this feature though. I have a feeling it will be a part of the effects release planned for the not terribly distant future.

    One of the cool features of the line6 setup was that you could set your loop to half speed and record while in that state. When you set the loop back to normal speed, your half speed recording is now double speed(and pitch) and your original is back to normal speed. You can very interesting effects with this. the same was true of reverse.

  • Here's a live capture of me with a line6 pedal from a decade ago using both of those features. It's one loop, one guitar, one love. :) http://bridgeportmusic.com/audio/tm1/Bridgeport_-_Transparent_Music_1.mp3

  • ahh bugger, i use that feature a lot......

    Nice one!

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