Few questions regarding functionality

Looking at replacing a pretty powerful Mobius-based setup with Loopy.
I have a few questions regarding functionality that isn't listed on the website, hoping someone can shed some light.

1) Is there independent control over each loop's playback pitch/rate?
1a) If so is this standard speed up/slow down (with resulting pitch change) or timestretching?
1b) If so is this MIDI controllable?

2) Can loops be resized/ "windowed" being recorded? (ie altering a loop so that its becomes just a slice of its former self)
2a) If so, is this MIDI controllable?

3) Does Loopy support multichannel audio interfaces (to send each loop out a separate output)?



  • @stk - so here goes:

    1) tempo control of the session, not for each loop.
    1a) Stretch/shrink maintaining pitch.
    1b) Tempo is controllable via midi (session tempo, tap tempo, nudge up/down)

    2) no editing of loops. ( no trimming, windowing, slicing or dicing)

    3) Loopy's individual outputs are exposed if you use something like AudioBus, AUM, etc. and can be routed to separate outputs, provided the app supports multi channel audio interfaces. I don't have one, so i can't tell you which apps support them.

    From you questions, I would guess that Loopy HD will not meet your needs. Loopy Masterpiece ( currently in development) may come closer to what you are looking for. I'm not up to date on all the proposed features. I'll see if I can find some links to info on it. However, it is not yet available, so it would only provide what will possibly be available in the future.

  • Links to Loopy Masterpiece Edition

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