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Can't turn off iPad microphone

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This discussion was created from comments split from: Update: Loopy HD 2.3.1 and Loopy 1.2.1.


  • hello, dear developers! Why i can't turn off microphone of my iPad ? Help me, please, i want to connect it to dynamics, but i only hear BZZZZ.... )

  • Hello - do you mean playthrough? You need to turn it off in Settings.

  • edited August 2012

    thank you very much, Michael! it really works ;) i was thinkin' about "Record live audio"... Thanks for the great application!

  • Good! No problem =) And thank you!

  • I do not see Playthrough under settings. Can you be more specific? I want to use my video without sound so I can add music later in Windows Movie Maker

  • It's now called 'Headphone monitoring', @sharonjackson - I've been trying to make it more obvious. Check the descriptions under the controls for details.

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