Need help with adding actions in "Control Inputs"

Hi! Can someone please help me setting my control input actions?

I have a IRig Blueboard (a Bluetooth Foot-Controller) connected to Loopy HD. Now I would love to set it in the following way:

  • If I press Button A on the pedal, Loopy HD should play track 1 from the beginning and mute all other tracks.
  • If I press Button B on the pedal, Loopy HD should play track 2 from the beginning and mute all other tracks.

I tried a lot but didn't find a solution. Is there a way at all?
Thanks a lot


  • Hello, again, well, where is all the silence coming from? Was that a stupid question?

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    @seife0506 - sometimes (real) life takes over for a while. I would not say it's a stupid question, and there are a few ways that I know of to do what you specified.

    The simplest is:

    • first set Track Management > Play from Start > On
    • second, do the following for the 2 tracks you want to use;
    • Settings > Control Inputs > (select your controller) > Add Binding > Track Actions > Solo track > (track number)

    I tested with a keyboard, so I used Note On, it should work with CC and/or PC but haven't tried, as my FCB 1010 is not setup at the moment.

    To get a clean start and the bindings working properly, I recommend the following;

    • record a dummy track and set volume to 0
    • Start (Play) Loopy with dummy track unmuted and the 2 recorded tracks muted.

    When you press the bound pedal to solo (for example) track 1, the dummy track will mute and track 1 will unmute and play from its beginning. Press the bound pedal to solo (for example) track 2, track 1 mutes and track 2 unmutes and plays from the beginning. Continue alternating to infinity.

    You may have to modify your workflow/sequences if for instance you have a set of tracks that you have playing (unmuted) and then want solo track 1 (e.g.) to play and mute the playing tracks. This would work similar to above, and pressing the second pedal would solo track 2 (e.g.). However to get back to the original playing tracks ( solo track 1&2 muted) will require either manually muting the solo track and un muting the desired tracks or a different solution al together (see end for other known methods).

    The catch with this method is
    1- the initial start. If you start loopy with both tracks muted, then on first press of either pedal, both tracks unmute. Hence the dummy track (volume set to 0), since this is intended to be a Solo function, the expectation is that you have at least 2 tracks playing and you want only one of the tracks to play when you hit solo and the rest to mute. So this is sort of a hack/misuse of the function, but doable. I think this might be an unintended feature ;-) @Michael
    2- pressing the same pedal 2 or a multiple of 2 time in a row and then pressing the other pedal will result in all the recorded tracks toggling their muted state.
    3- once you have the initial Solo mode going, you can toggle between the 2 solo tracks by simply pressing the same pedal, but catch 2 above will happen if you then press the other pedal.
    4- if you need to mute both solo tracks an resume soloing later, you need to either, manually mute the one that is playing and unmute when starting back up, pause Loopy and unpause (play) when starting back up, or bind another pedal to solo the dummy track and then just press the pedal to solo which ever track you want to resume with.

    The above suggestion meets your requirement as I interpreted them and seems the simplest. As mentioned above, this is using the solo bind in a way not exactly as it was intended, so there are a few hoops to jump through to get what you want.

    Play with it and let me know if it works for you or if it doesn't and in what way. There are other ways to achieve similar results, but require using more than one binding in a sequence. This is possible using the Blueboard ( or any midi controller) with the addition of a midi app to receive one command to trigger sending a series of commands.

  • Wow. I don't know, why it works, but it works. You're amazing... Thank you so much! And I am sorry for not being patient.

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