Skipping an update

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Sorry for a noob question, bus is it ok to skip an update and then install a more stable version once it's out?

Thanks in advance



  • Absolutely, Toni, no problem.
    The new update's just landed, incidentally.

  • Oh, by the way - you can also back up a version by right-clicking it in iTunes and selecting "Show in Finder". Then just copy the "ipa" file somewhere. That way you can update and go back if there's a problem.

  • Splendid! and many thanks for the info :) very useful! And a very amazing app! I think if all pans out the way I want it this will be my main brain for giging :D

  • No problem, and thanks heaps! =)

  • You are welcome. OK viewing ipa files on PC is not so easy. Anyway I can copy this file on windows xp with itunes

  • I'm afraid I have no idea - I would try googling it

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