Newbie: iOS MIDI Basics

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I am just not getting how Loopy HD interacts with other MIDI apps on iPad and how to set it up.
To start with, is Loopy the controller (that is, can I use Loopy to trigger external sounds?) or is it the device responding to controller (e.g., Pianist Pro) inputs.
Getting very specific, how would I configure Pianist Pro and Loopy so that Loopy is triggered by Pianist Pro?
How would I configure Loopy and SampleTank so that Loopy triggers SampleTank (or vice versa)?

I know that these seem like basic questions, but I'm lost at getting started.


  • Hi @lmlutton. If you open the control screen in Loopy (by tapping the button with the triangle on it, on the panel), then tap "Help" and tap the "MIDI" section, you can read about how MIDI works with Loopy.

    In short: You can set up bindings within Loopy between incoming MIDI messages, and actions within Loopy, such as mute or record. You can also configure Loopy to behave as a MIDI clock master or slave, to sync the tempo with compatible apps.

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