Loopy HD Latency Issue

Please check out the video. Upon bringing loopy into the fold for my live performances I have run into this latency issue that's really making it hard to use live. Loopy is supposed to do latency compensation and it does-as long as it's running solo. Unfortunately if I try to use Loopy in Audiobus or AUM the latency compensation stops working. To be clear this happens even if no effects or additional routing occurs. Help! Any ideas?



  • I was waiting for someone with better experience to chime in... I've had this issue as well, don't remember how I overcame it. I thought it got fixed.

    What iOS version and Loopy version are you running?

  • I'm running the latest everything at this point.
    iOS 10.2.1
    Loopy HD 1.6.2
    iPad Pro 128GB 99GB free
    AUM 1.1 and Audiobus 2.3.9
    My current workaround is just to roll with 256 which is close enough to not cause huge latency problems and can still run a few simultaneous apps and Turnado in AUM. But it seems to ride right on the edge and glitch occasionally at that setting.

  • Huh, on the Pro 12.9 you should be able to get away with 128 frames latency and no glitches. If you want to share your AUM file and Audiobus route, I could try it out and see if I get the same problem.

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    I think the glitch comes from trying to run Touchable at the same time. I have seen some grumbling about Audiobus or AUM with wifi. At 512 the glitches largely go away but then I'm left with the latency. Problem is the iTrack dock doesn't allow for a USB hub for direct connect to ableton while using my fcb controller. I was going for "one iPad to rule them all" but maybe it's not ready for prime time. At 256 it works ok but any other tuning tricks would be appreciated. I've already disabled split screen mode.

  • @ermatlock - depending on how timing sensitive the FCB midi is, an mi.1 or Puc+ both work on the FCB to make it Bluetooth and USB connection would be available for Ableton. I don't know what the Bluetooth midi latency is for either one and I only use the FCB for general control like track selection, arming tracks, etc., not punching in/out real time. Start and end recording is always using count-in/out, except the first loop if I don't have a tempo and clock already set.

  • That's a possible solution @Ganthofer. I still feel like Audiobus or AUM and loopy should be able to handle 512 as they were touted to report latency. It seems that only applies to the output stage.

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