New loop in session are very quiet

When I record a new loop at the moment I can hardly hear it. All the other loops I previously recorded are fine .. when I unmute those their volume level is good, but any new loops I add are super quiet. The envelope looks fine .. I can see visually see plenty of spikes on the waveform, but there is almost no sound output for the new loops.

I am a Loopy newb and I suspect I turned one of the settings on or off inadvertently. Any help appreciated!


  • It's worth checking the loop volume level you have the loop set to!

    Loopy does seem to remember the volume you set for a loop - even if you delete the audio from that loop and record new audio.

  • I just noticed that actually, and it may have contributed to the problem, but it was doing it on fresh loops to. Seems to be behaving now after more fiddling about with levels so I'm not too sure what it was and why it has gone away. Some sort of subtle interaction between the audio interface and the App I think??

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