Selecting which inputs Loopy HD Records

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Love the program, just getting into doing some cool stuff with Loopy.

I have a Scarlett 8i6, with 4 inputs, 4 outputs. My setup is as follows:

Inside Scarlett MixControl, I have DAW1-4 routed to hardware outputs 1-4

guitar -> 8i6 input 1
Upright bass -> 8i6 input 2

8i6 outputs 1-4 are sent ti individual channels of a hardware mixer, so they can be mixed individually.

I use AUM to allow me to insert BIAS FX and Ampkit on the two channels for processing of my instruments.

AUM Ch 1 (guitar)
Input : Hardware Input 1
Insert: BIAS FX
Output: Hardware Output 1

AUM Ch 2 (upright bass)
Input : Hardware Input 2
Insert: Ampkit
Output: Hardware Output 2

AUM Ch 3
Input : Loopy
Insert: none
Output: Hardware Output 3

This allows me to mix the output of Loopy with the hardware mixer for quicker control. It works great because each instrument is processed separately, and shows up on a separate channel of my hardware mixer too.

My question is this: how do I tell loopy what input channel to record from? (ie. guitar on hardware input 1, etc). Most of the time it won't matter, because I will be playing one instrument at a time, but on the occasion I have a guest playing upright and I am playing guitar, I might want to only record the guitar part as a loop, while we are both playing? Is it even possible?

I have AudioBus, AUM, MiMix, and many of the other great iPad apps at my disposal.


  • UPDATE: Figured it out, but not the way I had hoped.

    Seems when you have a multichannel interface, one of the panel sections (like a metronome, clock, etc) in Loopy HD has some matrices where you can select the inputs in stereo pairs or individually. However, in the case of my interface (Scarlett 8i6) none of these produces any input into Loopy HD.

    I was able to get it to work by assigning AUM to an input on an Audiobus lane, and setting the output to Loopy. Then inside AUM, I set up a Mix Bus with the output set to AB (Loopy). For each of my input channels (only using two, guitar and upright bass), I set a channel in AUM with the hardware input as the AUM input, and the output directly to a hardware output, then add a send to the MixBus and that lets me mix the inputs into Loopy.

    Seems like it should be easier than that.....

  • Yep, that's the solution for now. It seems I heard that more complex routing is planned for the next major release of Loopy HD, version 3.0, which could be a ways off. So for now it's probably best to plan around the AUM mix/bus method.

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