group mutes

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can you set a loop so they can mute others once they are activated, like a group mute function



  • so basically if I have a verse loop, bridge loop and a chorus loop that mute out the others

  • This is basically how I (at least intend to!) use the thing, so that's something I'd love to see implemented as well (assuming it's not already). Maybe all loop wheels flagged with the same colour could be made to all mute when any of that colour are muted?

    Meanwhile, another work around is to merge loops used in the verse, say, into one loop, and chorus into another, etc. Only need to merge loops that change (of course) - and haven't tried merging diff length loops yet. Could also save as diff session so as to keep old loops separate. Hope this helps,



  • Hey - please see this thread, where this stuff is currently being discussed.

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