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My first Loopy creation (with Harmony Voice and Audiobus)

Hi there,

Here's a song I recorded in Loopy, set to footage from some of my travels:

I used my H2n recorder and routed it through Harmony Voice for effects via Audiobus. My natural voice is the deep one in the beginning and I used Harmony Voice as the voice modulator to get the female vocals. I then imported the samples into Logic to put it all together and add some percussion extras.

It's my new favorite workflow. I love how enjoyable and simple it is to lay stuff down in Loopy. Staring into a DAW interface tends to kill my creativity




  • Nice track! and some lovely visuals too. :smile:

    I'm thinking of getting Harmony Voice - and listening to your track I think it's done quite a good job of making a shift into a female sounding voice - the way you've used lots of reverb probably helps too.

  • Thanks! :-)

    Yup, Harmony Voice makes for some fun voice modulation and effects. I haven't even explored the Harmony part of it. Apparently you can connect your MIDI keyboard and control the harmonies from it in various ways or just have it do four-piece harmony automatically based on various algorithms. Too complex for me for the moment, but I do love the basic pitch/gender modulator, reverb and delay.

    There are several others that do voice modulation, like Voice Synth and AUFX Dub. I haven't tried them, but the video demos of them looked great. I'm also excited to play around with Impaktor one of these days—controlling drums with your voice or basic body percussion sounds awesome.

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