Loop songs that start with a pickup bar

Hi fellow Loopians,

I've just started making my first loopy hd experiments and I seem to be unable to figure out how to record a song that starts with a pickup bar. Obviously loopy starts recording on count 1. I want to start playing on count 3 of the previous bar though and would like the chord to ring over. There's probably a very easy solution on how to do this but I simply cannot figure it out. Anybody out there who can help me?

Thanks a log guys :smile:


  • @honeybadger - my first question to you would be, is this for live looping ( performing) or otherwise? I use Loopy more for experimenting and creating than performing. Perhaps one of the performing loopers has a method.

    Is it not possible for you to set Loopy to count-in, start playing 2 counts before the count-in ends? The 2 beats before the recording starts won't be recorded (but only the ringing/fading sustained notes). Is this something that would work for you?

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    I think it's good practice to always be playing your instrument before you hit record on any looper - otherwise any notes that should be ringing over from the last bar into the next bar (i.e. - bar 1) will get chopped off unnaturally and you'll get an audible glitch at the loop point. Pickup notes are pretty much the same thing really... except of course if you stop the loop and press play again it will miss them out when it starts from Bar 1 beat 1.

    So basically the idea is.. start playing - first the pick up notes then the first riff - and hit record just before Bar 5 Beat 1 comes round (assuming it's a 4 bar loop) -so then it will loop including the pick up bar. The down side is that the pick up bar will still be played once you hit stop... so maybe a Fade Out would work best on such a loop.

    The same applies if you are doing an overdub in the studio - be playing before you hit record or the sustain from the notes on the previous take will be cut off when you make the edit. Many times a potentially good drum edit has been ruined by the fact that a cymbal was sustaining on the original take and the new take doesn't have one... In the studio of course it's possible to overdub a cymbal to fix that example.

    I did notice on one of the dev videos that Michael mentioned he was going to try to get Loopy 3 Masterpiece to deal with pickup notes "intelligently" - so with luck there will be a solution soon :smile:

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    @honeybadger - when you start the looper on bar 1 beat 1 and start playing the instrument on beat 3
    everything should be as you want. and/or try a different time signature (2/4).

  • Hi guys, thanks a lot. I just started looking for a good midi foot switch so that I can follow your advice. Without a footswitch I find this too hard to manage.

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