Loopy not working in Background 10.2 ?

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Having trouble getting loopy to play in BG in Audiobus today. Whenever I switch apps loopy would get all distorted and faint...is this a 10.2 compatibility issue?


  • @nerve - just tried on iPhone 6, seems to work fine. Loopy, ThumbJam and JamMaestro in AB inputs to system audio output. Maybe provide a detailed description of apps used and AB routings as well as iDevice.

  • Hi Ganthofer, I was just using Loopy and AB on a iPad Pro 9.7. Seems to work ok in AUM.

    i have been out of iOS for a while...maybe I should just wait for Loopy 3 MP

  • @nerve - you said problem happens when switching apps. If you only have Loopy and AB running, what are you switching? Just between Loopy and AB?

  • Weird! Not wanting to be too obvious, but..have you tried restarting the iPad?

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    Yes. Anytime I switch to a different app then come back to loopy...it is all garbled. rinse and repeat. It does not matter if AB is in use or not. I'm on an iPad pro 9.7 with a MOTU UltraLite-mk4 audio interface...I tried reinstall to no availability...

  • its working again...IDK i think I turned off audio in background...

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