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Using with Bose T1 Tonematch engine

How would I use it to loop voice and guitar with the above mixer. I am using it with a compact L1 system. (I am a new user so I know nothing about connecting loopy into a system other than getting an adapter into the iPad)


  • @Verlin - you might try the Bose forum for more specifics answers with regards to connecting and using the T1

    Example: https://www.bosepro.community/g/portable/topic/direct-recording-from-t1-to-my-ipad-via-usb

    It appears from the above post, that they connected the USB from the T1 to an iPad via a Apple CCK. So it may be that simple if the T1 is truly USB Audio Class Compliant. In Loopy you would just need to select which Channel ( or pair of channels for stereo) to record. Currently, Loopy only allows selection of the input via the Setup menu. Using AudioBus or AUM would probably make it easier to change the channel source being fed to Loopy.

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