Design and UI update

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Hey Michael, I just saw this video from a year ago, and the clean, contemporary graphic design and UI pictured in the first few minutes (example: the 30 to 40 second mark) is awesome.

As I begin to use Loopy a lot, I've been hoping for a more modern iOS look and feel.

Will that be in an upcoming update, such as Masterpiece? If so, sign me up!


  • Hey @Nolefinity2 - absolutely, although it looks a whole lot different from those early experiments.

  • Sounds great. While I love the clean, iOS 7-8 flat design, I also like a bit of color and "fun" in apps, instead of a dark feel or the overly industrial style that can be a bit boring. Looking forward to it.

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    I just did a UI concept if you're interested.

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