Session Management problems

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Hi. As good as Loopy is, I am having a lot of problems with session management and find it not intuitive or protective of work done.

1) How to create a new session? I see no clear way. I can save a session as new and then reset it but....
2) When I reset a session Loopy does not reset it but creates yet another session...
3) If I change sessions by loading an existing session, any changes I made to the first session are lost. No warning that there are unsaved changes in the session.

It would be good to have session management improved.


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    Hi @scotfor - I'm sorry to hear that!

    1. Tap the blank page icon beneath Loopy's panel to start a new session
    2. I think perhaps you're mistaking the new session feature for a 'clear all tracks' feature, which doesn't actually exist; if you want to clear all the tracks of an existing session, you'll need to delete them one at a time
    3. That's strange - Loopy should request confirmation before you load the new session if there are any unsaved changes. So if you tap on a session to load it, and you've made changes, you should see a confirmation dialog with a red "Load" button to proceed - do you not see that?

    Loopy 3 will indeed take session management a lot further

  • Thanks for your quick reply Michael.

    1. When I tap the blank page icon the bubble says "Reset session". This is misleading to me and is not a new session.
      Please follow me as I try and explain.
      a. I have a session loaded. There is a small white dot to the right of it in the Sessions window.
      b. Tap Back button to go to main menu.
      c. Tap blank page icon. Title says "Reset current session".
      d. Tap red "Reset session" icon.
      e. Go to Sessions window. The session no longer has a small white dot beside it. This is weird. What happened to "current session". Current session should remain current session.
      g. Tap "Save Current Session". Loopy wants to save session with new name. What happened to "current session" from a, c, d?

    Should this dialog text be "Create new session"? If it should then the same problem as in 3. Any unsaved changes in the old session are lost. No dialog at all. just a new session.

    1. No. I am using the "Save as New" as a hack work-around to try and create a new session.

    2. Lets say session A is the one I have been working with and session B is the one I am loading. I see a confirmation dialog with a red "Load" button to proceed, but this is all about session B and not about session A. So it is meaningless in the context of session A. If it really was trying to tell me that there are unsaved changes in session A the text of the dialog needs to be different.... BUT in my testing i have have had session A's that did not have changes and the confirmation dialog still came up so that does not make sense.

    All really confusing. I know you want to build excellent software Michael so this behaviour is surprising to me.


  • Hey @scotfor,

    I'm afraid I didn't quite follow all of this, but rest assured Loopy 3 has a whole new session management system.

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