Mute a single track while recording


Is there a solution using the iPad without external controllers which allows muting while recording a single track? The idea is to (a) have some tracks playing (b) record a muted track then (c) un-mute the track and record a final track. The music in (b) and (c) would then be heard for the first time together.

I see some options which might work under external control, but unclear just using the screen.



  • @MichaelD - As far as I know, you would need to use Midi to do this. Having said that, it doesn't have to b an External (as in physically another piece of Hardware). You could use any App that sends midi and that Loopy can see. examples:

    Midi Designer Pro 2
    probably any of the midi capable synths/keyboards

    Of course exactly what will work for you depends heavily on your workflow and to some extent what iDevice.

  • @MichaelD said:
    I see some options which might work under external control, but unclear just using the screen.

    Someone was just asking about this over at the Audiobus forum. For a stage performance, external foot pedal would be the more simple option.

    Doing this on screen is totally possible, but way more complicated and the timing would be tricky. Here's the setting you need.

    Workflow would be:

    1. Stat other tracks playing.
    2. Open menu,tap settings, tap "monitoring" off, record the first track. It won't be heard during recording.
    3. Then quickly mute that track after record.
    4. Go into settings, tap 'monitoring "on"
    5. Unmute the first track, Record second track.

    This would all be easier with synchronize and count-in/ count-out enabled.

    And much easier with external MIDI commands with a few foot taps or buttons on a hardware MIDI controller.

  • @Ganthofer and @Hmtx: thank you, that is very helpful.

    @Hmtx: would you follow the same procedure with a MIDI pedal board or can it be simplified?

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    Setup for a pedal would take more work, but essentially you could have a single button that does the following:

    • Tap 1 -mutes monitoring and counts in to record first loop.
    • Tap 2 -counts out to end recording first track, and unmutes monitoring, and cues up second track recording.

    This way, when track one finishes recording it will playback unmuted while also recording track two. With a little practice, the process would seamlessly do what you were originally wanting.

  • You would just need a single button that activates the "toggle monitoring" command and the "toggle record and record next track"

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