Alesis iodock and iOS 10

My typical workflow is Audiobus with any number of inputs with Loopy as output generally. My question is: has anyone using an Air2 with Alesis iodock first version updated to iOS 10? If so, any feedback or issues you would share?
@Ganthofer, I thought I remember you using the Alesis. Could be wrong though. Thanks in advance for any input.


  • Try audiobus forum. You're way more likely to get an answer there. Good luck

  • @Ben - sorry for the slow response. I do have an Alesis iODock (with 30 pin Apple connection) that I have connected to my Air (1) using a lightning to 30 pin cable (Apple), but I have not used it recently (since updating my air to 10.x). If I get a chance, I'll try Loopy and AB while connected to the Alesis. What is your normal work flow?? External inputs to the Alesis (guitar, mic, ... midi in or out???) and what apps if any are you using as inputs to AB?

  • @Ganthofer. No worries, thanks for the response. External inputs include bass, mic, midi keyboard controller and guitar. Since I got Tonestack I use that almost exclusively for bass.
    Synth apps I'm using right now include: iSem, Poseidon, Addictive Pro, Lorentz, ODYSSEi and Alchemy (still). Mostly Loopy as output. Of course all of Luis Martinez's drum apps. I have the same 30 pin to lightening adapter. Thanks again in advance.

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