1.2 Update: records only hard right now!

Hi there,

Since the new update on my iPad, all my recordings sound panned 100% right side!

Additional info:

  • the panning happens both from recording with the built-in mic, and from recording through my Jamup plug device;
  • old recordings still sound unpanned;
  • recording on my iphone (non updated version) still sounds unpanned.

Hope that topic wasn't already covered. I scanned the forums looking for 'mono'. Any help?

Bonus question: with multiple inputs supported, would it be possible to record some tracks using my JamUp Plug and some others using the built-in microphone without having to unplug the Jamup device? I assume plugging it in the headphone sockets somehow disable the built-in microphone, but one can still hope...



  • Whoa, that's wacky! Probably a dumb question, but: Have you tried rebooting?

    I've not heard of this happening at all; that it happens with your internal mic too sounds to me like some hardware or operating software weirdness.

    What iOS version are you using?

    Recording via the JamUp device and mic simultaneously: Not at this point, although this may be possible in iOS 6 (I've not had a chance to look closely at the APIs yet, but there is supposed to be some neat audio routing stuff in there).

  • Thanks for the quick reply. Not a dumb question, since as a matter of fact, I did not try rebooting. Just did that and it... didn't solve it.

    Couple of other bits of info:

    • it doesn't happen on other apps (camera, nanostudio)
    • I'm on iOS 4.3.3

    Ah well, I'm gonna try and reinstall the app tomorrow once I save all the crap. Hope that does it...

    Re:jamup : cool!

    ... since we're at it, I hope you won't mind my asking a couple more questions:

    • is there a way to, say, launch a recording of eight beats, record for only two beats, and then either stop recording or 'block' the recording, while keeping the length of eight beats? That would save having to wait in silence for six beats

    • say I record a loop (A) of four beats, and one (B) of eight beats. Say my verse is 2 times A and then my chorus is B. In the flow of the song, I add instrumental crap in the middle and I start playing my verse at the middle of loop (B) so that when I finish my 2 times of A and must switch to loop B, I must either wait 4 more beats to get to the beginning of B or start the chorus at the middle (neither is satisfactory of course).
      After this tedious example, my question is: is there any way to freeze loop B for four beats (with quantize, please), or reboot the synchronization so that this doesn't happen, or should I just suck it up and be more careful about when I start my verse?

    Thanks again!

  • Hmm, I'm afraid I'm completely baffled on this one; the fact that no one else has seen anything like that makes me think your device is doing something unusual, but that's a pretty lazy assumption =)

    Regardless, there's a point release coming in the next few days which has a bunch of tweaks and fixes - that may solve your problem. If it doesn't, let me know and we can look into it more closely.

    1. Currently, no - you gotta wait. Loopy automatically truncates or extends the track to the closest power-of-two multiple of the current loop length.
    2. I think you just need to be more careful with your timing! There is a MIDI-triggerable command to reset the clock to the start, which you could hit when reaching the chorus, but if you don't have enough free foot switches, that's not really an option.

    I do see your conundrum, though - it's tedious to have to be limited by the technology like that. I will have a think about how that might be solved.

    One option is to have a per-track setting that will make the track start at the beginning whenever it is unmuted (quantized to the nearest bar). Kind of like a cross between a one-shot sample, and a loop. I'm already planning on implementing 'one-shot sample' mode, a toggle setting on the track menu, that lets you play a loop like a keyboard sample, on press. Perhaps it could be a multi-stage toggle that switches between normal loop mode, one-shot sample mode, and... whatever this mode is called.

    Let me know if you have any ideas, too.

  • Okay, additional info and developments:

    • tried uninstalling and reinstalling, didn't solve it; bummer, I really hoped that this would do it!

    • it's actually recording on the left side (whatever), and it doesn't actually pan it a hundred percent. This is in fact going to sound weirder: (1) when I apply no pan (center), I can hear a little bit of the signal on the right side, but it's very quiet, maybe 15 to 18 dB quieter than on the left side; (2) when I progressively pan to the right, it fades to silence on either side but (3) when I pan to the left, I still get signal on the left side, but also on the right side (!), at the same volumes than when left unpanned.

    Uh... any cure, doctor? Here's to hoping the upcoming update will rinse away all that weirdness.

    The one shot sample/loop sounds way cool and seems like it could be a suitable solution too! If I got you right, you're thinking about a one shot loop, but that automatically repeats itself after being 'shot', right? That's the way I got it.

    Aw c'mon, I was just about to post this huge thing about a sequencer mode in loopy, and then I realized it had already been mentioned in the forums. Double bummer.

    Still, here's the post:

    (cue image)

    So you get the loops (6 here for ease of drawing) on the left and the sequencer on the right. (1) drag loop into the sequencer (2) drag loop inside sequencer to stretch it (3) loop 3 should have a problem since it's 2 measures long and it goes into the song after 3 measures, but with the sequencer, tadah! no problems (4) double tap to delete (5, not represented) uberloop sections of the sequencer.

    It's at this point that I realized how delusional the whole thing was.

    Ah well, I had fun with the schematic. But yeah, as you can see, I like the idea of a sequencer. I mean, I guess you could use any other DAW on iOS to do that, but the workflow just wouldn't be the same. I suppose you'd be treading more into Ableton territory and I'm not sure that's the direction you want Loopy to take (not considering time and effort).

    Anyway, I somehow don't think that's the sort of ideas you were calling for.

    I'm gonna ask you one last question (for now), but I'll mail this one!

  • Hmm - i have no theories, I'm afraid, but there were a couple issues in the last update that'll be fixed in this next one, so hopefully that'll do it.

    You did understand me correctly about the looping one-shot sample: so, 3 modes: Loop, one-shot, and looping one-shot.

    I'm afraid you're right about the sequencer - not really Loopy's main focus. Best bet is to export the audio and use a DAW app or something, for that kind of thing.

  • Micheal,
    Thought you'd like to know, the most recent update solved the panning problem! Still have no idea about what the problem was, though.
    And now, back to looping!


  • Yay! Well, that's excellent news. Nice to hear about the good, when I'm knee-deep in the bad =) (Couple bugs remaining for a few people - blaaaah.)

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