Loopy Setup Help

Hey I'm looking to add the FCB1010 to my loopy setup and I want to see if this would work.

My current setup is

Ipad-CCK-Powered USB hub

With the hub I have a usb mic plugged into it to record acoustic instruments.

I am looking to get the FCB1010 to connect to the ipad so I can control the loops through it. So can I just get a midi to usb cable and plug that into the powered hub? Or do I need to plug it into an audio interface and then plug that into the hub?


  • midi to usb is ok.

  • I can't say I've ever tried a USB audio device and a USB MIDI device plugged into a hub before...In theory it should work, but I've no idea, personally =)

  • @zlarimer - just make sure the midi to USB is "Class Compliant" (doesn't require drivers or software)

  • I have one for sale! The FCB1010 + UNO Midi to USB

  • MIDI to USB is the ticket.

    Also, @Michael, USB MIDI and audio devices work fine with the iPad when connected to a hub. I frequently use a board with a Focusrite Scarlett 8i6, Zoom G3, and MIDI-USB adapter in the same hub. Even use MidiBridge to route midi between all the devices.

  • Good to know @nateynate - cheers for the info!

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