Crash on audio paste

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Ive been experiencing a persistent crash when importing a loop through audio paste (general, not Sonoma) from Beatmaker2. Every time. If I first paste the same wave from BM2 into TwistedWave, then paste it into Loopy - no crash, but kind of a hassle as far as workflow. It's probably a Beatmaker thing... Have you had any other feedback on pasting issues or guesses as to what might be going on?


  • Actually I'm noticing now that Loopy seems to be crashing upon paste from any app that uses the general pasteboard. No problems using Sonoma, when that's an option. This is new since the update, at least for me.

  • Hey @Smeeeth - Yeah, I'm afraid there's a bug that crept though in that update. There's a bunch of fixes in the next update, which is currently in app review with Apple and should appear over the next few days.

  • Thanks Michael

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