Does Loopy have a way to do an auto record/ based on threshold. Id like to be able to enable Loopy to not start recording/playing till I play a sound on my keyboard. This way I can avoid delays in the beginning of my tracks. I used to own a Boss RC-30 looper and one thing I loved about it was I could set up auto record and it wouldnt start recording till I played a sound. This helped so much with the timing of my tracks.


  • Sadly, no!

    Happily, I think I heard that it will be added to version 3.0 which is the next big release, coming soon-ish.

  • edited November 2016

    Bummer! Ill keep checking for updates then. It would be super useful. I have had so many different looper pedals and looping apps and I always return to my mpc 1000 or Korg Microsampler to do the bulk of my looping. If Loopy could do this it would be immensely more useful for me. None of the recent looper pedals out in the past few years offer more then 3 stereo loops and feature an auto record feature.

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