Antelope Zen Tour with Ipad.

Has anyone had any luck with using the Antelope Zen Tour or Studio with Loopy HD with the Usb 3 Camera connector kit?
Any thoughts on whether this will work and what limitations there may be?


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    The Zen Studio is listed on this page as a compatible with iOS.

    You would need a lightning to USB adapter, so the iPad will recognize the device as an audio interface.

    I don't see any reason why you would have any trouble with any of the devices listed on that support page for Auria.

  • I can't find any info on whether the Zen Tour is a class-compliant USB interface. I would assume so, but that would be required for it to work with Loopy or any iOS device and apps.

  • I've asked antelope, and they say it is class compliant. Will test this soon with a live Zen tour. Will report back.

  • @TaylorRanks Any update on compatibility with the Zen tour?

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