TC Helicon Harmony GXT

I connected the TC Helicon to my ipad. I used a mini usb to usb cable, then I added the usb to lighting cabel (camera adapter). But seems is not picking any sound... help!


  • Basically what I'm looking for is to send my guitar and voice loops to the ipad (loopy). I think that the mini usb port could do that.

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    @raul - the overview say the following about the USB port:

    USB connection for easy software updates, tips, and preset backup using the included VoiceSupport applet.

    The manual says:

    USB Connector
    Allows Harmony-G XT to communicate with a computer for backup and updates. See “Using the VoiceSupport Application” section for details.

    No mention of getting audio from the USB connection. With a PC/MAC, software has to be installed, so it's not a USB class compliant device.

  • Thank you! Is there a way, with a mixer, to send different instuments to the loopy app? Do I need a special cable?

  • @raul - to record real world instruments/sound (e.g. Guitar) to an iPad/iPhone, you will need an audio interface ( sometimes called a sound card), unless you use the built-in microphone.

    The audio interface either has a lightning connector (e.g. iTrack doc, iRig, etc.) or a class compliant USB connection. With the class compliant USB connection, you will need a CCK to connect the USB to the iPad/iPhone lightning connection.

    CAUTION - Apple CCK's may be a bit more expensive, but many of the copies out there either do not work or tend to be unreliable. You may get lucky with a non-Apple CCK.

    There may be some mixers that have Class Compliant USB Audio or a dedicated Lightning connector. I don't know of any specific models/brands that do.

  • Ganthofer, in the loopy app support reviews, you claim that it takes less to ask a question than to give a bad review. I agree, you have answered very fast and I appreciate your support.

    Thank you for that!

    Ill try what you are saying and see if I can use another trick. if the trick works Ill share with you all.

  • Not sure I'm on the proper Forum - but here goes.

    I'm an Older (Old) Musician who has decided that Bands are no longer for me and I've started doing SOLO Acts. Voice not what it was in 30's Plus I don't want the constant hassle of getting so many musicians together and hence, I bought a Bose Tower System and a TC Helicon G-XT Harmonizer. Been using just this arrangement for about a year , and everything OK. Recently I decided to modify my setup simply by coming out of the "Guitar Output" of the G-XT, go to a Compressor, and then plug a cable from the Compressor into the dedicated Port of my Bose to make my SOLO Breaks have more sustain. My Problem: When I plug a Cable into the output (Top Port) of the G-XT it shuts Everything Down! No Mic Output. No Guitar Signal to My Bose. No Signal to the dedicated Guitar Port of my Bose! Can anyone help? I'm pretty sure I'm doing something Stupid but at 71, I can't figure out what! EVERYTHING works fine if I break it into Segments! But when I plug into the output of the G-XT everything goes quiet! Top Output of the TC Helicon is designed to go to an Amp so am I missing something regarding changing Settings on G-XT? I've watched EVERYONE'S Video on YouTube - including Tom's, of course, and I'm still Baffled! Thanks to any and all in advance that may can help this Old Man!!! Regards, 1959Strat.

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