TC Helicon Harmony GXT

I connected the TC Helicon to my ipad. I used a mini usb to usb cable, then I added the usb to lighting cabel (camera adapter). But seems is not picking any sound... help!


  • Basically what I'm looking for is to send my guitar and voice loops to the ipad (loopy). I think that the mini usb port could do that.

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    @raul - the overview say the following about the USB port:

    USB connection for easy software updates, tips, and preset backup using the included VoiceSupport applet.

    The manual says:

    USB Connector
    Allows Harmony-G XT to communicate with a computer for backup and updates. See “Using the VoiceSupport Application” section for details.

    No mention of getting audio from the USB connection. With a PC/MAC, software has to be installed, so it's not a USB class compliant device.

  • Thank you! Is there a way, with a mixer, to send different instuments to the loopy app? Do I need a special cable?

  • @raul - to record real world instruments/sound (e.g. Guitar) to an iPad/iPhone, you will need an audio interface ( sometimes called a sound card), unless you use the built-in microphone.

    The audio interface either has a lightning connector (e.g. iTrack doc, iRig, etc.) or a class compliant USB connection. With the class compliant USB connection, you will need a CCK to connect the USB to the iPad/iPhone lightning connection.

    CAUTION - Apple CCK's may be a bit more expensive, but many of the copies out there either do not work or tend to be unreliable. You may get lucky with a non-Apple CCK.

    There may be some mixers that have Class Compliant USB Audio or a dedicated Lightning connector. I don't know of any specific models/brands that do.

  • Ganthofer, in the loopy app support reviews, you claim that it takes less to ask a question than to give a bad review. I agree, you have answered very fast and I appreciate your support.

    Thank you for that!

    Ill try what you are saying and see if I can use another trick. if the trick works Ill share with you all.

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