Inter-App Audio Sync Still Active

So I love loopy, but after using it with Audiobus once I can't disable the link, or at least loopy thinks it's still connected, as seen in the image shows "Link Active". The problem with this is that the microphone doesn't function properly in this state.
Uninstalling and reinstalling fixes it but that means losing all the songs I've made, how can I fix this???


  • Connect loopy to your PC and save all of the contents of the loopy app in iTunes to your desktop. After you've reinstalled loopy you can then drag them into the app using iTunes once again.

  • Sorry about the delay - tap "Ableton Link", then disable it there.

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    Some time this kind of problem may happens with lots of apps i also face the same problem with another app showbox but when i get this [movies app] from its official site no audio syncing problem anymore so my suggestion just get loopy app also from its official source .

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