Is anybody using Diode-108 (or any other iOS drum machine) in live performance with Loopy/Audiobus?

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There was a long ongoing discussion on the Audiobus forum which the Diode developer was very active in.

Then it all went quiet around November last year.

I'm looking at using the Loopy/Diode combination on stage with in my (soon-to-be) acoustic duo - 2 guitars, (sometimes 1 guitar, 1 bass) 2 vox & sometimes harmonica - just playing covers. Lowest common denominator stuff.

I don't necessarily need to use Diode-108, any programmable drum 'machine' would work, but I find this one has a very user friendly interface. My intention is to create and load whole songs.

I want to be able to operate both Loopy and Diode (or any recommended iOS drum machine) via MIDI footswitches and I will need to have them synced with each other. I won't be using Loopy on every song, but will be using Diode on every song, and I need to be able to stop/start each app independently.

Anybody willing and able to talk me through the options?

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