Feed LoopyHD with iOS Plugins


First thanks for this very nice app that is LoopyHD

i m currently using loopy hosted by AUM
is there a way to feed Loopy with FX and mot put FX slot only after Loopy ?
for example, i have a Apogee Duet and would like to record several loops from my bass but with different sound of bass.
So i would like to put some app in AUM like ToneStack or AmpKit (so i could hand my FX setup between loops) and then feed Loopy with it

PS: i have Audiobus and know the tip with AUM + Audiobus, but it is a real CPU Hunger, and it would be very nice to only deal with one host, AUM or Audiobus or any other host

Thanks a lot for your help



  • Why not do a simple Audiobus chain? ToneStack as input. Loopy as output. I may be misunderstanding the complexity of your question.

  • no, you didn't miss anything, i didn't completely describe the fx chain i would like.
    i want to put classic fx before LoopyHD (for Bass or my voice) but other fx after loopy (like glitch fx, shimmer reverb etc ...)
    So if i put Loopy as output, i can't play with fx on my loops
    Anyway, thanks lot for your answer :-)

  • Oh that makes perfect sense. And yes, it actually is possible inside Audiobus. You need the "multi-routing" in-app add-on. Your first chain would have what I describe above. Then another chain would have 'Loopy main out' as input going through other apps. Or you can route individual loops to different effects.

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