iOS 10 split screen compatibility???

edited October 2016 in General

I've been away from Loopy for a looooong time. I'm now in the formative stages of a duo and it looks like Loopy is back on the agenda again.

Anyway,I tried using the split screen on my iPad Pro so I could have Loopy on one half, and my songbook on the other half.

Is it safe to say that Loopy doesn't support this feature yet?

If you DO make Loopy compatible, would it be possible to rotate the visible loops to fit the now portrait view of Loopy when there is another app running on the other half of the screen?


  • Yeah, Loopy doesn't support split screen view right now, although I've wished it did about a million times. Loopy 3 (masterpiece) is supposed to however. Fingers crossed!

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