Loopy hd and ableton bpm difference

So I recorded on loopy hd a lot of music and decided to export all the stuff, on ableton for further tweaks.
So I had some dark jazz stuff recorded on 60 bpms, and when I imported on ableton on 60 bpm, was too slow like I halfspeeded it, so I doubled the tempo to 120 bpms and everything was ok, the main problem is that if I want to add a midi loop from addictive drums I cannot use the loops as they play on 120 bpm so it is double time.Any suggestions?


  • owiowi
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    ipad? iphone? ios? loopy hd release? ableton live release? time signature?

    i just imported some loopy hd (converted to wav) files on ableton live.
    everything is fine here. tempo loopy 94 bpm, tempo live 94 bpm.

    (ipad air1, ios 10,0.2, loopy hd 1.6.2, ableton live suite 9,6.1, time sig. ableton live: 4/4,)

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    4/4 60 bpm latest loopy hd version (I don't have the ipad right now in front of me), ableton 9.6.1, ipad 4th gen.

    I would like to mention that I have imported the same loops on single projects on presonus studio one 3.3 and everything was fine.

  • More and more loops I have exported from loopy hd they play properly in double bpms on ableton

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