Independent tracks

Hi, Is there any way to record two independent tracks simultaneously with Loopy HD?
As my interface is simple (2 channels), only managed to record one channel at Loopy, and the other channel recorded Loopy HD.
But I would do everything just Loopy HD to have the viewing of both channels in the foreground and have better control.


  • @maya - only one track at a time. You can of course record mono (1 channel) or stereo (2 channels), but that doesn't get you the 2 independent tracks. You would have to then split the left and right channels to 2 mono tracks either in another app or perhaps using AUM or mimix (&AudioBus) back into new Loopy tracks (but again, only one at a time). So in the end it is more efficient to record one after the other into Loopy or do as you are already doing using Loopy and Loopy HD.

  • @Ganthofer I have a hackey workaround for this..
    If you record to loopy in "stereo" (two channels, which I use for voice/guitar), left and right are preserved. Simply clone the track to another then pan each as you need.

  • @themarswright - yes that gets you closer, but of course the the audio from each is only coming out of one side. Would be acceptable in some situations, probably not if the right and left speakers were too far apart. I don't know if you could fix this with AUM, MiMix or some other app.

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