iOS 10 - go or no-go (as of Oct 2016)

Anyone updated yet? Are all your apps working? Eg. LoopyHD, Audiobus (I also use Flux:FX, Audulus, AUFX:space, Midiflow)

Is Update to iOS 10 a "Go" or a "No-Go" (Oct 2016)
  1. Is Update to iOS 10 a "Go" or a "No-Go"2 votes
    1. Go
    2. NoGo


  • I experimented with it quite a bit last night. I used an iPhone 6s with iOS 10 and a Scarlett Focusrite 18i6 with a Behringer FCB1010 midi pedalboard. It's connected to the iPhone with the camera adapter that has an extra lightning port for charging and the usb port for connecting to the Scarlett.

    I had issues with sound output becoming distorted if I left the loopy app and came back to it. If I unplugged and replugged the lightning cable then everything came back perfectly. I have no need to leave the app personally but maybe an issue with those using other apps as well. However - I think this was an issue for me prior to iOS10 but I've been gone from Loopy for a couple of years and am just getting back into it.

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    Just for others- I've been updated for a few weeks now and have had no issues.

  • I have had a lot of niggles w my audio apps, sharing audio between apps.. and can't get loopy audiobus and sampletank to play nicely together. I hate this update. GragBand has stopped talking to other apps, too.. have to open it manually.
    New to loopy, but it's not working too well

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    @Condensayshun If you run into big problems like this, clean install the new iOS (set up as a new device), then import all your stuff. It's a big hassle to make sure you've imported all your stuff properly, but I don't do it the other way anymore.

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