Why can't you simply edit the loop you've recorded so that its actually a loop

While recording with a guitar and no foot peddle it's impossible to actually create properly timed loop. One's hand is not fast enough to go from starting the loop to playing the guitar back to stopping the loop immediately after playing. I mean, it doesn't even make sense. So why isn't there the ability to simply cut the loop after you record it, so that it actually starts and ends at the right time?


  • Try using the count-in setting, and select the tempo and number of measures.

  • @asnlooper - Loopy is primarily a live looper to create loops in realtime. If ones hands are otherwise occupied making the music being recorded, then one either needs an external foot controller ( midi/Bluetooth and the required hardware/software) or do as @tuttle suggests. From the Help menu Video tutorials in Loopy https://www.youtube.com/embed/BtZcYBgRVEs?version=3&hl=en_US&showinfo=0

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    I think the question should read: 'why don't I work on my timing so my loops come out spot on?'.

  • Is there a trick to making the loops sit in time with each other? Seems silly to have such a great app that can do so many things but you can't simply chop up the loops afterwards... my timing when playing to a click is quite okay, but for some reason it's been quite difficult to get something good out of/into Loopy.
    I'm not certain my Loopy is working well, trying to record sampletank and other beat apps like Remixlive has resulted in a distorted click-like noise and weird out of time beats. I'm doing something wrong here I think. Are there any tutorials NOT on YouTube that deal w audiobus sampletank and loopy, please? I've been looking for two days now.

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