Why is there no support for this app?

First of all I would like to ask this company why they provide no support for this app?

Please don't tell me about a forum, or a faq, I want to know why no support is offered. Just tell me. Thank you.


  • it´s not my business but....
    maybe because loopy is the best supported app in the universe?
    all my questions regarding the functionality of loopy were answered promptly and sufficiently so far (app developer, forum).

  • Support for this app has been nothing but stellar. Michael is very active here and at the Audiobus forum. Not sure what you're referring to.

  • I have some difficulties to determine if the first poster is serious or not. (Troll or real complain ?). You claim that answers provided in a forum, even by the developer of the app himself is no kind of support ? Waouh, i would love all my apps have this kind of "lack of support" ?. Moreover... i think we have more than the minimum to expect compared to the few bucks we payed for this awesome app.

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