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Quite surprised this Q hasn't been asked ( or so I think, after reading many MANY comments ) My question to the forum is... How can I follow a predetermined BPM from the "click" without RECORDING(!!!!) the click... Also really curious as to why you would want the click to continue menacingly in the background as you try to build your creation. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving this app already but once you have an established tempo, you don't need the click continuing to layer itself on every loop you add! So please enlighten me on how to have a guide click to start without RECOORDING it... Thanks... ~randall~


  • If your click is layering onto recorded loops then you're having an issue with loop feedback, which means your mic is picking up the sounds from your already playing tracks or the click.

    To fix this:

    • separate your mic and speaker. Either plug in headphones or use other external wired speakers.
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