live acoustic w/bluetooth pedals

I’ve got a general question and I’m looking for some insights on how to deal with it.

I play Native American flutes (NAFs) and I’ve been wanting to get a looper to use when I’m playing live, so I can lay down some drum beats, rattles, maybe a rhythm track, then play along to them.

So I need multiple loop tracks that can be controlled independently.

The problem is, I need foot controls to record, play, and stop tracks while I'm playing, but I’d like to use software on an iPad for mixing and fading. A foot-controlled fader pedal for volume and/or speed would be nice, too.

I don’t need a bunch of effects.

It occurred to me to look for bluetooth pedals that could be used to control apps on my iPad and I found something from AirTurn (BT-106) that works with up to four standard on/off pedals. I'm not sure if it works with a fader pedal or not.

I'd like to know of any examples of how to use this technology to support a basic acoustic instrument with a couple of backing tracks set up as live-recorded loops.

(Live performers I've met are all using foot pedals, like Boss BR-505s, and they have to jury-rig stuff to manually adjust track levels and whatnot. If I were going to do that, I'd probably get several independent one-channel loop pedals and run them into a small 8-channel mixer mounted at waist-height.)


  • I have the Airturn Quad and it couldn't be easier to use with Loopy. That said, it doesn't allow for a foot pedal. There are several foot pedals that do, however. But most of them require a wired MIDI controller.

  • From the Airturn website: "This AirTurn QUAD 4-pedal board comes with the AirTurn Bluetooth transceiver, 4 ATFS-2 black silent pedals that connect to the transceiver, the AirTurn non-slip pedal board, and a USB recharging cable. The Bluetooth transceiver may be easily removed for use with other applications."

    Yet you say "it doesn't allow for a foot pedal". Huh?

  • You asked about a foot controlled fader pedal--the airturn does not allow for an expression pedal.

  • Ahh, gotcha.

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