Loopy - live performance: organized or pure improvisation?

Who here uses Loopy HD for live performances?
How to organize the repertoire? Opening files, time setting, etc?
If using drum app, with manage the patterns of changes to the following songs. Its automate via midi this change?
For example, with a repertoire of 200 songs, how to organize so that everything is practical and without bugs?
thank you


  • I use Loopy as a huge part of my live rig, as both a live looper and a clip launcher. It's the undisputed champion for the former--wonderfully simple yet powerful under the hood. Ableton Link has allowed me to experiment with other clip launchers recently, as Loopy is not quite as flexible as I need for my setup. I'm hopeful that Masterpiece will rectify this situation...

    Having to load sessions is the bane of playing with an iPad live these days. It's great that Loopy stores tempo data; I just wish I could use MIDI PCs to change sessions on the fly. As it is, I appear to be very interested in my email between tunes. Grrrrr.

    I have been using alphabetic signifiers to organize sessions in the list. Folders would be nice.

    I don't use a drum app. I'm lucky enough to have the real thing.

  • I'm trying to organize myself to play alone with the help of loopy and drumperfect pro.
    there is the advantage of using 12 tracks against 3 RC-300 loopstation boss, but have to master some techniques to make things happen as expected.

  • How to use live performance apps with Loopy HD for live performances? Also how to trigger reversing of loops? Thanks.

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