Load samples via iTunes and iCloud

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Hi everybody,

some days ago I loaded some music apps (Nanostudio, Samplr, Animoog, Loopy) that I wanted to use for my drums/ bass doom project B) . One very impottant thing for me: I need to get some samples on my iPad!

I found some useful information how to transfer data via iTunes: http://www.akaipro.com/kb/article/1458 (it's for iMPC, but it should work for other apps as well, right?) But I cannot go on with "Select the Apps tab from the iPad menu." - I can't find such a menue :/ ? And I don't see any apps. Who can help?

That's why I put the samples in my iDrive sync folder. I can now see them on the iDrive iPad app, bu how to get them into Loopy? I have no idea! Who can help with this issue :'( ?

Cheers and thanks, loopmax


  • Alas Loopy doesn't support iCloud just yet (it will soon). For now, I recommend iExplorer or iFunbox for transferring files, because iTunes is - frankly - an idiot =)

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